ACC Movie Night – Karate Kid

Get excited because the monthly, ACC Movie Night is coming up once again, next Friday, September 19th at 8:0??0pm. Through a secret source in Brazil, we have come across an absconded copy of Karate Kid aka Karatcheee K?eeedgee in Portuguese with English subtitles.  If you’re unfamiliar with the movie, please see synopsis:

? Once Mestre Camisa made us hike through a jungle, ride horses at night on precarious cliffs, and purify ourselves in the waters of an algae-filled pond.  All while wearing nothing but a sunga!  Ok, maybe the sunga was optional.  Regardless, Mr. Miyagi ain’t got nothin’ on Camisa!

We’re taking it back to the 80’s with this cult classic, Karatcheee Keedgeee.  Join us to watch Mr. Miyagi teach Daniel-san that, “First learn stand, then learn fly” and something about waxing cars.