The Arte Capoeira Center opened its doors in Sept. 2003 and has since established itself as NYC’s premier capoeira school. Located in midtown Manhattan, the ACC offers daily capoeira classes for students of all levels. We also feature weekly kids classes. The ACC welcomes everybody looking forward to participating in meaningful activities that engage body, heart, and mind.

We belong to the ABADÁ-Capoeira group, which counts more than 40,000 members in 4 continents, and we train the Regional style of capoeira. Our teachers at the ACC are qualified, not only through many years of training, but also by special workshops that keep their skills and techniques up to date. Instrutor Mucuiú and his senior students use the instruction and performance of capoeira to transcend socio-economic barriers between communities and to encourage community empowerment.

The ACC also serves as a valuable cultural resource. We host cultural events related to Brazilian culture and capoeira, like film screenings, art exhibitions and parties. Over the years, the Arte Capoeira Center’s performance group has participated in many community and corporate events in the New York City area, bringing lively and enriching performances to a wide variety of audiences. When we  perform outside the school, our talented performing group gladly takes the energy and the brilliance of this art to a variety of public and private events.

  • The facility

Arte Capoeira Center is conveniently in midtown Manhattan. The space features a 1,200 square foot studio with new wooden sprung floors, high ceilings, 2 bathrooms with shower and A/C. The studio is especially equipped for capoeira with kicking bag, tumbling mat, sparring gloves and of course, a lot of capoeira instruments for practicing music and songs!