Batizado 2014 is here!

The training is getting more intense, the games are getting tougher, the music is getting louder, these days Instrutor Mucuiu and all the capoeiristas at the Arte Capoeira Center are getting ready for the Batizado. Yes, our yearly celebration of the art of capoeira is only a handful of weeks away: the big day is Saturday June 28, 2014!

The 2014 Batizado will celebrate the work of Instrutor Mucuiu, Instrutor Prego and all their students. For all capoeiristas this is a unique opportunity to share their passion for capoeira with their friends and families and to show off their skills.

As every year,  several guests from Brazil, US and the world will be joining us, they are extremely talented athletes and artists whose expertise and creativity will inspire the local capoeiristas and guests.

Mestrando Montanha from Porto Alegre, is this year’s special guest, he will teach several workshops in the days preceding the batizado.

Mestrando Montanha

Mestrando Montanha ‘s first contact with capoeira was in the late 70s when he saw capoeira played on the beach. His mother told him that capoeira was a dangerous martial art with deadly blows , thus creating a sort of capoeira mystique for the future Mestrando. After practicing many sports (judo, boxing, karate, soccer, volleyball , basketball , athletics among others), Montanha started training capoeira in high school. The practice of capoeira influenced his choice for college, when he opted to study Physical Education, thus turning his passion into a profession. Sensing the need to deepen his knowledge of capoeira’s didactics, methodology and fundamentals, in 1997, he found Mestre Camisa, who remains the major reference and inspiration in his capoeira work.

Today after more than 25 years of capoeira , Montanha possesses the same restless and curious spirit of the young boy who saw his first capoeira circle. “Capoeira has the amazing ability to teach us several lessons every day. From the wisest Mestre, to the most novice student, I learn something every day in capoeira.

Mestrando Montanha

On his experience in capoeira he says “After traveling round the world with capoeira, I learnt that the human being has the same virtues and defects in all countries and in all cultures, and capoeira has been helping a lot in bringing these different cultures closer to each other. Maybe one day it will make this world a better place to live. I am grateful to my master Mestre Camisa , for all the teachings and life lessons . It is an honor to be by his side and help develop, promote and perpetuate capoeira across the 7 seas and in the 4 corners of the world.”

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WORKSHOPS (Open to all ABADA Capoeira members):

Wed 6/25/2014: Kids 6-7 pm, adults 7-9pm
Thu 6/26/2014: Kids 6-7, adults 7-9pm
Fri 6/27/2014: Adults 7-9pm

BATIZADO 6/28/2014, 12 to 3 pm

All events take place at:

O. Henry Learning Campus
333 West 17th st
New York City , NY 10011
Train: A,C, E (14th Street), L (8th Ave), 1 (18th St)