Capoeira for Dummies: Batizado – part 2

By the time the day of the batizado arrives you have survived a few days of workshops, competitions, parties and awesome capoeira games & music. Hopefully you learned some new cool sequences from the international guests, you are all psyched out about the upcoming event and you have invited all your friends and family to your performance.

Here are a few tips to make sure everything go smoothly on the big day:Arte Capoeira Center Batizado 2012, before the start

Tip # 1: help out, it may seem there are a lot of people involved in the event, enough to take care of it all, but producing a batizado with international guests always needs all hands on deck especially on the day of the actual event. Bring instruments, cords, guests to the venue, set up the stage, make sure there is water to drink for students and teachers, welcome the audience at the door, keep track of reserved tickets and track down those late guests … don’t be shy get involved!

Tip #2: It is a celebration so dress up. It may seem that all the sweat and dirt collected during the previous days training are badges to be proud of, but the batizado is also a formal event for the capoeira community. Make sure your uniform is spotless as a way to show your respect to the guests on the stage and in the audience.

Arte Capoeira Center batizado 2012 get the cord!Tip #3: yes most “Baptizers” like to take down their “Baptizee” during their introductory game, so don’t be scared and ginga away all the time, but attack your opponent without mercy! They are all skilled capoeiristas they’ll know what to do without hurting you 😉

Tip #4: enjoy every moment of it! Clap, sing out loud, take pics… It will be over before you know it and it will be time to chill out & party out with your fellow capoeiristas.

ABADA Capoeira Batizado Intergrado 2013. Commemorating 25 years of ABADA Capoeira Worldwide
June 29, 2013 12-3pm
Harlem PAL, 441 Manhattan Ave., New York, NY 10026

For information and tickets