Capoeira for kids and schools

The practice of capoeira is a precious developmental tool as it engages its players physically, socially and culturally. This unique combination of dance, martial arts and music is ideal to help kids grow with confidence, discipline and a positive attitude to life.

Physical Benefits: Dexterity, Flexibility

The characteristic improvised play of two by two helps children to think on their feet. Acrobatic moves and “cool” martial arts kicks motivate our students to work hard in order to achieve mastery of their movements. All activities are closely supervised by trained and qualified instructors.

Capoeira classes for kids

Social Benefits: Play and Compete

The combination of competitive and coordinated play helps children to express themselves artistically within a social group. The collective elements are further reinforced by the music making.

Multicultural Art for a Multicultural Future

The discovery of the Americas, the African diaspora, the native Indian heritage are all elements of the history of capoeira. The  practice of this art familiarizes children with a rich and fascinating heritage that spans across three continents and five centuries.

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Capoeira for Kids at the ACC

Founded in 2003, the Arte Capoeira Center has been the first school specialized in contemporary capoeira in the New York City metro area. Since the beginning, capoeira classes for have always been part of our schedule introducing hundreds of kids to this martial art. This is the current schedule of capoeira kids classes at the ACC.

For over a decade our group has been presenting special performances and classes for schools of all levels. From elementary school to college we bring on a fun, dynamic and informative event that kids, youth and their teachers will remember and cherish forever.

The Arte Capoeira Center also hosts regularly special classes for no-profit organizations that aim to promote healthy lifestyle. A list of our partnerships can be found on our capoeira show and performances page.

Teaching Philosophy

The principles guiding our approach to child instruction and development include:

  •  make it fun
  •  make it challenging
  •  make it together
  •  everybody is always welcome to join in
  •  value each person’s unique skills and traits

For more information on kids classes and performances and classes for schools please contact us.