Capoeira is an excellent activity for kids as it blends discipline and creativity. Not only it strengthens the whole body, but it also helps kids to develop a wide variety of skills including: flexibility, balance, focus and basic percussion techniques.

Capoeira is a precious developmental tool as it engages its players physically, socially and culturally. Its unique combination of dance, martial arts and music is ideal to help kids grow with confidence, discipline and a positive attitude to life.

Dexterity, Flexibility

The improvised competitive play of two helps children to think on their feet. Acrobatic moves and “cool” martial arts kicks motivate them work hard to achieve mastery of their movements. All activities are closely supervised by trained and qualified instructors.

Play and Cooperative Competition

The combination of competitive and play helps children to express themselves artistically within a social group. The collective elements are further reinforced by the music making as the young capoeiristas are introduced to several percussion instruments and singing.

Our capoeira kids classes are conducted in a playful yet challenging manner in order to promote both cooperation and competitiveness in a positive way.

Last but not least Capoeira Kids is a lot of fun!

So come on over and try it out. Discounts are available for siblings and families.

The kids classes at the Arte Capoeira Center are for 4 to 11 year-olds. (12 and older can train with the adult class on Saturday).

Class time: Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Capoeira classes for kids



  • Coordination

  • Exercise

  • Play

  • Rhythm

  • Focus

Pricing Plan

Single class

$ 20.00

Trimester (1xweek)

$ 165.00

Start anytime, trial class $ 10!