Our capoeira capoeira classes include a variety of exercises aimed at conditioning the muscles for quick, no-time-to-think movements through both cardiovascular and strength training means. The Arte Capoeira Center currently offers several types of adult capoeira training sessions.

Founded in 2003, the Arte Capoeira Center has been the first full time capoeira school in New York City specializing in contemporary capoeira.


Arte Capoeira Beginners Class: Start the Game

Beginners Capoeira Foundations & Form

This class focuses on basic techniques and skills. It is aimed at increasing coordination, flexibility and strength. It is conducted at a lower pace to allow the students to learn and refine the movements. All new students should join the beginners capoeira class at first. First time students should wear comfortable clothing (sweatpants and t-shirt are OK, no shorts please) and be prepared to follow the movements of fellow students.


Arte Capoeira Intermediate Advanced class: better game

Intermediate/Advanced Class

This class is open only to existing ABADÁ-Capoeira students. Students attending this class should have strong foundation of the basic movements.
**Monday & Wednesday classes limited to Corda Amarelo-Laranja & up ONLY


ACC students of all levels are welcome to the open capoeira class. Beginners can attend this class once they have learned some basic movements of defense/attack and in-betweens. The class is conducted according to the level of the students attending.

Arte Capoeira Music


The ACC’s  Capoeira Music Class will help capoeiristas develop proficiency in all aspects of capoeira music. It focuses on skill development with the berimbau (gunga, medio and viola), the atabaque, the pandeiro and the agogo.

For more information about class requirements and pricing plan please see the specific capoeira class pages.

See you soon at the Arte Capoeira Center!

Please fill out and sign this release form and bring it to your first class.