Are you ready to discover capoeira?


A year at the Arte Capoeira Center

Try Capoeira for FREE for one week with our unlimited pass!

Come to the Arte Capoeira Center to experience first hand capoeira and meet our teachers and students. We are a great urban community: fun, caring and passionate, you’ll be hooked!

With this pass you can take capoeira classes for the whole week, come as many days as you want we are open Monday to Saturday.

If you read our post about Capoeira benefits and visited our Capoeira class page, you have an idea of what to expect for capoeira training,  for more information here are some Newbies FAQ:

1- What shall I wear for my first capoeira class?

T-shirt and comfortable pants (long preferred) will do for the first few classes. No shoes are allowed in the studio unless you have some specific condition, in this case please bring light sneakers with clean soles, no street shoes please.

2- Do I need to reserve my spot?

No, just show up in time to change and start your class.

Come ready to start capoeira!