Four capoeira exercises for knees and legs [Videos]

Capoeira is a great activity to strengthen legs, from the point of your toes to the gluteus maximus, many capoeira moves engage an array of muscles that need to be appropriately conditioned to avoid injuries and allow improvement.

In particular, knees is an area that capoeristas need to pay special attention to, because from the basic ginga and cadeira to take-downs like tesoura many capoeira moves put particular strain on this crucial leg articulation.

At the Arte Capoeira Center, Instrutor Mucuiù always starts the class with a thorough warm-up that conditions muscles and at the same time refines the execution of the basic capoeira moves, which is the main factor for avoiding injury from strain.

Here are four simple capoeira exercises to strengthen your leg and knee muscles – shoulders and arms too. They are performed with the elastic band for increased performance and control, but beginners should start without it.


Cadeira + Galopante combination



Focus: work on hamstring & quadriceps muscles, balance and defense with arms


Kick Prep Exercise: Strength and Balance



Focus: setting up for the kick working on abdominals & quadriceps, also arms work is important for balance and defense.


Bençao + Cadeira



Focus: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and abdominals. Movement control and balance.


Queixada + Cadeira



Focus: lower quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, balance and kick control