Get ready for Rio 2016 with Capoeira

 In less than 11 weeks the 31st Olympic Games will open in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, it’s time to get fit and in the right Brazilian mood, with capoeira!


To help New Yorkers get ready for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games, the Arte Capoeira Center in New York City offers a free 1 week pass for capoeira classes to all new students from May to August 2016.

Capoeira is an ancient Brazilian martial art, invented by the African slaves in the XVI century. It combines power, speed, and leverage for a variety of kicks and spins, which are performed following the music of traditional percussion instruments and songs.

Today capoeira still epitomizes the spirit of Brazil with its dexterity, trickery, poetry and music.

Benefits of capoeira practice include: endurance, strength, flexibility and weight loss.

Founded in 2003 by Instrutor Mucuiu, the Arte Capoeira Center is one of the leading capoeira schools in New York City and it is part of the ABADA Capoeira group, the largest capoeira association in the world.

Instrutor Mucuiu has been teaching capoeira in the New York area for more than 20 years and he constantly works to refine capoeira techniques to improve training efficiency  and prevent injury.

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