May 4th Open House

On May 4th, the Arte Capoeira Center will be open for free trial classes.

All day experienced capoeira teachers will be introducing new students to this ancient Brazilian martial art. Capoeira is an excellent discipline to increase endurance, flexibility and focus. Benefits include: weight loss, muscle build-up, cardiovascular health, mood improvement.

[box_header]Free trial classes[/box_header]

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[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]11.15 am Capoeira Burn[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]12 pm Capoeira Kids[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]1 pm Capoeira Beginners[/item]

and stay for the OPEN RODA! (3 pm)

At the end of the adult class join us for our monthly Open Roda, 2 full hours of capoeira games open to all capoeiristas!