Since 2003 Instrutor Mucuiu and his capoeristas have brought lively capoeira performances to a variety of events in New York City.

Whether you want to explore the culture of capoeira or you want to amaze your guests with the spectacular acrobatics and prowess of this ancient art, our capoeira show can be tailored to most budgets and occasions.

During the years the Arte Capoeira Center has been performing at a variety of events from community and school shows to  corporate parties and presentations.

Performances can be 5-45 min. in length. Prices vary according to number of performers and performance length. Samba, maculelê (sticks dance) and Brazilian percussions shows can also be added to the capoeira presentation.

All the performers are experienced & professional. For booking info & rates contact us

Schools & Community

The ACC has been bringing a taste of Brazilian culture to numerous public and private schools of all grades and community events around the city. Our appearances can be designed as a show, workshop or class. Whatever the format, the skills and positive attitude of our capoeiristas never fail to draw enthusiasm and curiosity from the audience. Here a list of past capoeira community classes and events.


Capoeira is the ideal show to energize and bring an authentic taste of Brazilian culture to any music or dance event. The performance generally includes several styles from the more traditional to the most acrobatic games. Live percussion and singing are always an integral part of our capoeira show. Here some of our performances at cultural shows.

Corporate & Parties

Along the Arte Capoeira Center team has performed at several high profile corporate events as well as weddings, bat mitzvah and other large family celebrations. The hi-energy spectacular capoeira performances are always the perfect party booster.

Past capoeira shows for corporate events.