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Capoeira is an excellent workout for people seeking to loose weight, gain weight, improve body conditioning, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardio-vascular endurance and, of course, it is ideal to improve capoeira game and skills. Click here to learn more about capoeira health and fitness benefits.

The typical on-on-one (or small private group) session lasts 1 hour. After a short warm-up, Instrutor Mucuiú works with you on moves and exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscle groups needed to improve your performance.

Thanks to his sports laparkan.com/buy-sildenafil/ & capoeira background, Instrutor Mucuiú can adapt capoeira techniques and sequences to all needs, from fitness novices to training martial artists.

Instructor Mucuiú is available for one-on-one and private group sessions, outside the regular class schedule (before 6.30 pm on weekdays)

For more information or to schedule your private capoeira class contact us.



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[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’ value=’$ 75.00′]Single class[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’ value=’$ 195.00′]5 Classes[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’ value=’$ 550.00′]10 Classes[/item]

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