Train It Forward

As 2013 comes to an end, the Holidays Season begins. Most people welcome this part of the year with a mix of fear and joy: visiting family and friends, parties, presents, dinners … they all have the double facets of pleasure and torture. One of the best parts of the season is the food: from mom’s special seasonal recipes to discovering new delicacies at a friend’s dinner party, social eating is a big part of the holidays.

Of course, this has its consequences: first, a lingering guilty feeling, that might stop you short of fully enjoying what’s in your plate; secondly, if your will is not made of steel, weight increase. To promote a fully blissful season, the Arte Capoeira Center launches today its “Train It Forward” campaign, put in a little more effort today, to enjoy your treats guiltlessly during the holidays!

One hour of capoeira burns about 500 calories which covers for example: 1 turkey drumstick, 1 helping of cranberry sauce, 1 helping of gravy, 1 slice of pumpkin pie. Our class is 90 minutes so you can also drink a couple of glasses of wine and still be covered.

The trick here is to keep training consistently so your metabolism remains high, this way you will not be worried by excessive calories and heavy digestion.

Our motto for this month is:

Live the season, train it forward!

Train It Forward


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PS: Sorry but we cannot help with friends and family 😉